Dog Owner Home Cleanliness: Grooming, Exercise, Wiping

As longtime dog owners know, while these furry friends are a source of much joy, they’re also pretty messy. And for those who like to keep their spaces clean on a regular basis, these two themes can clash with one another.

At Healthy Homes Housekeeping, we’re here to help with this and numerous other potential home cleaning needs. From standard maintenance cleaning, which includes plenty of basic cleanup and possibly pet-related items if needed, up through deep cleaning, move-in and move-out cleaning and several other areas, we have you covered no matter your cleaning or sanitation requirements. What are some of the top areas we recommend in terms of keeping your home clean even with a dog around, both in terms of homeowner areas and those our team can assist with? This two-part blog series will go over several.

Frequent Grooming

Fur is one of the top issues that dogs create, particularly high-shedding dogs. Pet fur around the home can become a problem for a few reasons, from simple aesthetics up to potential exacerbation of allergies or asthma symptoms to those who suffer from them.

Grooming is a very simple way to limit this hair presence in your home, and we’re not only talking about professional grooming here – though that’s always an option as well if you have the budget for it, and will do a great job keeping your pet clean while removing all excess fur. Even if you don’t opt for pro services here, however, you can use a simple brush with your dog outside a few times a week to remove not only hair, but also dead skin particles and other contaminants. And also, we’d recommend bathing your dog at least once a month.

Exercise Themes

Another potential dog-related issue in some homes is damage, often created by overly energetic pups. The simplest solution here: Good exercise on a regular basis for your dog. Normal walks or runs (depending on breed and exercise needs) are a must, plus you might consider basic elements both inside and outside the home that allow them productive uses of energy – things like toys, outdoor play areas and more.

Wiping Down

And while you should let your dog run to its heart’s content outside, you have to be careful about what it’s tracking back inside. If there are muddy conditions, for instance, or even a significant moisture presence outside at the time, you should be wiping off muddy or wet paws before your dog has a chance to run around inside. Some dog owners will even keep a shallow tub of clean water near the door to wipe down particularly messy pets – and you’d be surprised how much easier your daily cleaning will become as a result.

For more on how to keep your home clean if you own a dog, or to learn about any of our housekeeping or related services, speak to the staff at Healthy Homes Housekeeping today.