Winter Cleaning Checklist: De-Cluttering, Deep Cleaning, Windows

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on winter cleaning for your home. While many people employ periodic house cleaning services like ours for their needs throughout the year, winter in Ogden is a particular season where additional forms of dirt and grime make cleaning in between your professional appointments an important task as well.

At Healthy Homes Housekeeping, we’re proud to serve clients throughout Utah with a variety of maid and house cleaning services, including everything from standard maintenance cleaning to deep cleaning, move-in and move-out services and more. We’re also happy to provide basic tips to clients on how to keep their homes clean in between our appointments, with simple daily tasks that take little time or effort. Here are some other top such areas to consider during the winter season.

General De-Cluttering

Both for practical and aesthetic reasons, de-cluttering your home is almost always a good practice. A lot of clutter can build up in the course of a year that you likely don’t even realize during periods when you’re not taking it all in at once.

De-cluttering can be both an ongoing and a specific task, depending on your daily habits. As you move through the winter months and towards the end of it, you can take time to do a more thorough job of de-cluttering. It’s not as easy as throwing stuff out or giving things away, as there is often some thought involved in deciding what is worth keeping around and what isn’t anymore. Make sure every item has a practical use for you or a place to go before you get rid of it.

Deep Clean Curtains, Carpets and Furniture

Items like curtains, carpets and furniture pieces are at some of the highest risk of picking up dirt and other grime during the winter. Dry dirt from snow accumulates in carpets and furniture, while humidity and condensation build up between window panes and on glass surfaces.

For this reason, periodic deep cleaning of these surfaces throughout the winter is important to keep germs, allergens and other potential problems at bay. Curtains are one of the biggest culprits for trapping heavy accumulations of pet dander, dust and pollen inside your home. Not only can this make your allergies act up, but it also contributes to conditions like asthma.

Wash the Windows

One commonly overlooked area among homeowners performing DIY cleaning: washing the windows. Windows are a frequently touched surface in your house, and over time accumulate a lot of dirt and grime from hands, pets, people and cars… not to mention the chemicals from snow-melting agents used by public services. Repeat this process throughout winter to keep them spotless for optimal visibility.

For more on winter cleaning checklist items to be clear on, or to learn about any of our maintenance or deep cleaning services, speak to the staff at Healthy Homes Housekeeping today.