DIY Vacuuming Tips: Height, Pattern and Speed

In part one of this multi-part blog series, we imparted some expertise onto those who regularly vacuum their own spaces. Vacuuming is a big part of cleaning a home, both in the professional and DIY spheres, with many of our clients asking us for our best vacuuming tips so they can keep their home clean in between our professional appointments.

At Healthy Homes Housekeeping, vacuuming is just one small part of our comprehensive housekeeping services, which include everything from maintenance cleaning and spring cleaning solutions to deep cleaning, move-in and move-out services and more. For our clients who prefer to vacuum often and keep their space clean between our visits, here are some more general tips on how to do so properly.

Proper Vacuum Height

Most of today’s vacuums come with a feature that allows you to adjust their height, and it is important to set it in order to maximize your vacuum’s effectiveness. The handle should be at roughly the same height as your knees when you are standing upright and holding onto it with both hands.

If your vacuum itself is set too low, you risk wearing out your carpet with too much friction, or even damaging it. If your vacuum is set too high, you are putting more strain on your back, which could lead to injuries down the line — and you also may not be generating enough suction to truly clean the area in question.

Vacuuming Pattern

Did you know that carpet fibers are flexible and rest in a variety of directions? This means that if you only vacuum in one direction, you leave dirt on parts of the fibers.

For this reason, we generally recommend a crisscross pattern, which starts by vacuuming from one side to the other. Then, return to your starting position and vacuum first north-south and then east-west. This ensures that you get all of the area in between so as not to miss any spots.

Don’t Go Too Fast

A common mistake made by DIY vacuum users is trying to go as fast as possible. When you rush, it increases the chances that you will miss dirt and other debris, which can lead to a larger buildup or even damage your carpet fibers.

Especially if you’re looking for a deep clean of the area and removal of tougher buildups like pet hair or other debris, letting the vacuum do its job is key. Speed will come as you gain more comfort with the process and as your carpet begins to look cleaner!

For more on how to properly vacuum your space between housekeeping appointments, or to learn about any of our house cleaning services or programs, speak to the staff at Healthy Homes Housekeeping today.