House Cleaning Service in Syracuse

House Cleaning Service in Syracuse, Utah

If the cleanliness and beauty of your home is a top priority for you and your family, you need reliable cleaning professionals who can perform up to your standards every time. And at Healthy Homes Housekeeping, we can provide these services for all our clients in Syracuse, Utah and surrounding areas.

Whether you require our standard housekeeping services or one of our specialized programs for more detailed or extreme jobs, you can count on the top pros in the business to assist you. All our cleaning pros are fully insured, with 30 years of experience serving northern Utah.

Our Signature Residential Cleaning

Our baseline housekeeping service is our Signature Clean, which we offer to clients at a variety of available intervals – weekly, monthly, or anything in between that you desire. This service is meant to keep the home clean, healthy and readily accessible for guests, and includes both regular upkeep areas plus specific cleaning and emptying services.

For starters, each Signature Clean appointment includes attention to the physical elements of your home that need basic care to remain in top condition. We pay particular attention to important areas like kitchens and bathrooms, plus elements like their countertops, appliances, cabinets, water fixtures and many others. These kinds of materials can often wear down over time, but our maintenance services help keep them in top condition so they last for years.

In addition, we provide the following basic cleaning services to every room in your home as needed:

  • Emptying of trash bins and other containers.
  • Dusting and polishing all floors, ceilings, lights, fans, baseboards, furniture and accessories, plus cleaning and sanitizing common touch areas like door handles, light switches and others.
  • Vacuuming of sofas, chairs, fabrics, rugs, carpets, doors and any other necessary areas.
  • Changing and cleaning of bed linens at your request.
  • Mopping and other floor cleaning services based on materials.

Deep Cleaning Services

There are many cases where homeowners need a major deep cleaning project done on their entire home. The pros at Healthy Homes Housekeeping an assist you with jobs of all scopes and sizes, including properly moving and securing all items and appliances so we can deep clean every part of your home – from floors to ceilings, with everything in between included.

We’ll offer deep, detailed cleaning services to every nook and cranny of your home, plus can help you set up professional cleaning services for your carpet, tile and grout areas as needed. We’ll even help with re-formatting all your furniture and accessories.

Other Services: Spring Cleaning, Exterior Cleaning & More!

In addition to the above, our Extreme Cleaning Services division can also assist with several over-and-above areas of home cleaning. We can help with numerous exterior areas, including windows, screens, gutters, decks and patios, sprinkler stains, and even Christmas lights when it’s that time of year. We’re also on hand to assist with things like washing garage floors, cleaning fireplace glass, and several other areas.

For more on how we can assist you with quality housekeeping and home cleaning services, speak to the staff at Healthy Homes Housekeeping today.