Factors in Choosing New Housekeeping Pros, Part 1

Like with any other home service, those searching for new housekeeping services should do some research while canvassing their options. No one simply selects the first company they’re made aware of for these kinds of services; you evaluate areas like cost, services provided, scheduling and several other factors.

At Healthy Homes Housekeeping, we welcome such comparisons of our services with our local competitors – not only do we want all prospective clients to get the very best housekeeping services available, we’re supremely confident we’re the ones who offer them. We provide a huge variety of house cleaning services, from our standard maintenance cleaning to numerous deep cleaning solutions. In this two-part blog series, we’ll go over a few qualities to look for, first in a cleaning and housekeeping company and second in individual staff members who work in your home or building.

Reputation and Credibility

As you’re beginning your search for a new housekeeping company, you should be looking only for reputable, credible companies. For many this begins by performing proper online searches, using tools like Google and others to view reviews, customer testimonials and other information about a company’s experience, reputation and services.

In addition, word-of-mouth often works well here – if a close friend or family member has had great success with a given company over the years, they might recommend it. In either case, be sure to contact a few of your top choices to confirm their credibility in areas like licensure, training and insurance coverage.


One major element to discuss with prospective housekeeping and cleaning companies is their scheduling format and policy. Ask about things like how often a company provides cleaning and the various templates offered, plus whether they allow individual clients to customize a cleaning schedule.

In addition, ask about areas like cancellations and others that might impact your choice. Find out how many housekeepers the company employs and how scheduling conflicts will be managed.

Health and Safety

Particularly during recent times, but also in general, health and safety are also vital considerations as you select a new cleaning service for your home or building. All employees should be well-trained on proper health and sanitation practices, plus should consult with home or building owners about limiting contact during the presence of COVID-19.


This area relates in some ways to a business’s reputation, but also speaks to your own experience while researching. You might narrow your choices down to two options based on the factors that are important to you – but then make your final choice based on which company seems most professional and straightforward.

For more on how to select a new housekeeping company or cleaning professionals, or to learn about any of our cleaning services, speak to the staff at Healthy Homes Housekeeping today.