Basic and Professional Home Grease Cleaning Tips

A concern for many homeowners, especially those who cook and use their kitchen often, is grease. Both due to its difficulty in removal and the way it can create issues in pipes and other plumbing areas, grease can be a significant problem if it’s not addressed properly.

At Healthy Homes Housekeeping, we’re here to help if you have grease issues in your home. Both our standard house cleaning services and our deep cleaning solutions contain grease removal and management strategies for any room or area where grease has become an issue. Through a combination of your own DIY efforts and our professional cleaning services when needed, you can fully rid yourself of any grease-related concerns. Part one of our two-part blog will look at some basic grease cleaning methods, while part two will go over how to avoid grease buildups to begin with.

Dish Soap and Water

For low levels of simple grease that have built up after a single cooked meal or a few days, you can usually utilize simple dish soap and water for removal. Combine the two in a small bucket or in one of your sinks, then wipe off surfaces gently and smoothly. Soap and water are great because they’re useful on a variety of surfaces and will never damage them, plus will not risk discoloration or other concerns.

409 or Other Cleaners

For slightly tougher areas of grease, you might have to bust out some specialized cleaners. There are several possible here, with one of the simplest and most common being 409 multi-purpose cleaner – this versatile option cleans up several buildup types with ease, including mild grease stains.

In other cases, you might need specialized degreaser products. Be sure to check the labels on any of these products to confirm they will not damage the surface in question. If you have any questions or are concerned about the use of these products, ask our house cleaning staff for their tips and assistance.

Power Cleaners

Finally, for heavy grease buildups that have accumulated over months or even years, you might have to move away from the DIY sphere and call in our pros. We’ll utilize powerful, professional-level cleaners and techniques to dig into even the toughest grease stains that may have built up over any period of time, ensuring we take the right safety precautions and never risk any of your surfaces.

Even if you have access to certain professional-grade cleaners, we strongly recommend leaving this job to trained house cleaning experts. Attempting it yourself without training could lead to unsafe conditions, plus will not be as effective.

For more on removing grease buildups in your home, or to learn about any of our house cleaning or deep cleaning services, speak to the staff at Healthy Homes Housekeeping today.