What is Included in a Basic House Cleaning?

Knowing what to expect from basic home services is naturally important to many homeowners and residents alike, and any kind of house cleaning you’re paying for is a great example. The most common form of house cleaning is periodic basic cleaning, also known as maintenance cleaning or weekly cleaning – which specific elements are typically included in basic house cleaning, and what should you expect during these appointments?

At Healthy Homes Housekeeping, we’re proud to provide clients around Ogden with all their maid service and house cleaning needs, from basic maintenance and spring cleaning to deep cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning and more. Across this two-part blog series, we’ll go over the basic tenets of both maintenance cleaning and deep cleaning processes for any house – while these specific elements will vary somewhat from house to house, here are some of the most typical areas that will be covered for basic cleaning. 

Standard Room-by-Room Cleaning

With a basic cleaning appointment, the cleaners you’ve hired will generally follow a standard room-by-room process to cover all major areas of the home. This starts with rooms like living and bedrooms that are used frequently, then moves on to lesser-used spaces like guest bedrooms or offices. Rooms are typically cleaned one by one before moving onto the next area of the home.

During each room cleaning, the cleaners will focus on dusting and wiping down all surfaces, including furniture, shelves, picture frames and more. They’ll also vacuum or sweep and mop the floors, taking care to remove any debris or build-up in corners or under furniture. In bathrooms, they’ll clean and disinfect the toilet, sink, shower/tub and countertops.

Other Standard Tasks

In addition to basic room cleaning, there are several other standard tasks that will be taken care of during a maintenance cleaning appointment. These include:

  • Emptying and taking out trash and recycling
  • Changing bed linens (if requested)
  • Dusting ceiling fans, vents and light fixtures
  • Wiping down mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Cleaning kitchen countertops, appliances and sinks 

Customization Options

While basic cleaning services typically cover all of the above, you may have specific areas or tasks that you’d like your cleaners to focus on. This is why we offer customization options for our maintenance cleaning services – simply let us know what areas or tasks are most important to you and we’ll make sure they’re included in your appointment.

What’s Typically Not Included

It’s also important to note what is typically not included in a basic house cleaning appointment. This includes tasks like deep carpet cleaning or window washing, which require specialized equipment and techniques. If you need these services, be sure to communicate this with your cleaners ahead of time so they can provide an accurate quote.

As you can see, basic house cleaning covers a wide range of tasks and areas in the home, ensuring that your living space stays clean and healthy. Stay tuned for our next blog post where we’ll go over the deep cleaning process in more detail. And if you’re in need of professional house cleaning services, don’t hesitate to contact Healthy Homes Housekeeping – we’re here to make your life easier!