Ogden House Cleaning Focal Points: Additional Options

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on focal points within the realm of house cleaning, and why they’re important. Focal points often help split up the home into various zones or cleaning locations, or can be used as central tenets of the cleaning project taking place.

At Healthy Homes Housekeeping, we’re here to offer numerous maid service and house cleaning solutions for Ogden and nearby clients, from basic maintenance cleaning to deep cleaning, move-in/move-out services and more. While we discussed certain major rooms in the home as focal points in part one, along with specific appliances that are sometimes used for this same purpose, today’s part two will go over some additional examples of focal points that are sometimes used in house cleaning, plus how to think about each of them if you’re carrying out a cleaning project of your own.

The Bed

Especially for cleaning projects that are reserved just for a bedroom, or even for some other project that’s centered around this room, the bed is often a major focal point. This could be anything from making sure all surfaces are wiped down, to changing and laundering the linens and blankets on top.

Many people like to use special furniture sprays or other treatments for fabric items such as pillows and mattresses, depending on how thorough they need to be. This could either be done when you’re moving in, or periodically based on how often the bedding is used and what kinds of activities occur around it.


In other cases, for certain general cleaning projects or ones that are specifically focusing on the kitchen, bathroom, or other wet areas of the home, sinks can be a major focal point. This could involve anything from scrubbing down the surface and clearing away any blockages in the pipes to cleaning out old food residue and more.

Additionally, sinks may also require special treatments such as bleach or vinegar solutions to help sanitize and disinfect the area. This is especially true for spaces that are regularly exposed to food, water, and other substances that could cause bacteria buildup over time.


Finally, another major focal point of any cleaning project that’s centered around one single room or a whole house would be the floors. Whether it’s carpets, tile, hardwood, or any other kind of flooring material that’s used in the home, each one requires special attention and care when you’re cleaning.

Carpeted areas may require vacuuming and spot treatments for tougher stains, while tile floors will often require scrubbing with a brush or mop and a special solution. Hardwood floors are best cleaned with a mild detergent, and linoleum may need to be waxed periodically for a more thorough treatment.

No matter what types of focal points you’re working on in your Ogden house cleaning project, Healthy Homes Housekeeping is here to help make it easier. Contact us today for more information on our maid service and other solutions. We look forward to hearing from you!