Ogden Maid Service Value: Time and Health

There’s a tendency to only think about how much we’re spending on certain home services, and not to focus enough on the value that we’re getting in return and whether it’s worthwhile. The realm of maid services and house cleaning is a great example: In many cases, especially if you’re working with a great house cleaning company, you’ll be getting so much value for your buck that it can actually feel like you’re saving money.

At Healthy Homes Housekeeping, this is the reality we strive for with all our Ogden clients, for whom we provide everything from basic house cleaning services to deep cleaning, move-in/move-out services and more. We provide such high-quality services, and for such affordable rates, that many of our clients are confident we’ve saved them significant amounts of both money and time over the years. In this two-part blog series, we’ll look at some of the ways “value” should be considered within house cleaning, plus how the right partnership with a great maid service like ours will be great for your wallet.

The Value of Time

First and foremost, there’s an unfortunate tendency among some people, including too many Americans, to minimize the value of personal time. That is, too many people don’t think of time as being worth a tangible amount equivalent to that of money. We’re so focused on squeezing in as much work, recreation and downtime as possible that we don’t consider the opportunity cost of all this time- and money-saving activity: In some cases, it’s a lot easier and more efficient to pay someone else to do something for us than struggle through it alone or with limited help.

This concept is key in understanding the value of house cleaning in particular. Think about it this way: If you could use a few hours to go out and meet friends, work on a hobby or pursue other personal passions, wouldn’t it be worth it to pay someone to tidy up your home for you?

The Value of Health

Another major value that a good house cleaning company can provide for you is, of course, the value of your health. This is related to time efficiency in that a clean home makes it easier for you to get things done and stay healthy over the long term. A good home won’t just be free from dust and allergens like mold and pet dander; it will also be free from germs, bacteria and other potentially harmful substances that can make you sick.

This means that a great house cleaning company can be more than just a one-time expense; for many of us, it’s a necessity. In part two of this blog post, we’ll look at some additional ways to consider the value your home care company provides you with and how these might impact your selection process.

For more here, or to learn about any of our Ogden house cleaning services, speak to our dedicated team at Healthy Homes Housekeeping today.