Pet Hair Cleaning Tips: Vacuum, Tape, Squeegee

There are a few common cleaning needs that many people share in common, and among those with furry friends around, one of the most well-known here is pet hair. Pet hair can seem never-ending and can be frustrating to deal with, but some simple approaches will help you avoid any major issues related to pet hair buildups in your home.

At Healthy Homes Housekeeping, we happily offer a wide range of maintenance cleaning, deep cleaning and other house cleaning services to clients around Ogden, and pet hair is just one of numerous areas we’ll take care of for you. In this two-part blog series, let’s lay out some of the simple techniques often used to combat pet hair, whether you’re considering these yourself or looking for help from our team.

The Right Vacuum Cleaner

You already knew that vacuuming is very important for pet households, of course – but did you know that the type of vacuum is also important? Many regular vacuums aren’t properly equipped to handle pet hair, so consider opting for a powerful and specially-designed model that can better tackle this issue.

Many pet vacuums include specific features like spinning brushes to help agitate and loosen hair, and they often have larger dust bins than regular vacuums so that they can hold more of your pet’s fur. For best results, remember to empty the dust bin when it’s even slightly full and check for any clogs in the hose regularly.

You should also be sure to prioritize a vacuum that has a detachable hose, as this will make it much easier for you to clean furniture, stairs and other areas that are difficult to access with a full-size vacuum head. If you decide you’d like help from our team at Healthy Homes Housekeeping, we can assist in the selection of a pet-friendly vacuum cleaner that best fits your needs.

Tape Rolls

For certain tight areas that your vacuum can’t reach, it may be time to break out the tape. There are specific pet hair removal tools made of sticky adhesive that you can buy and use around the house, but a simple roll of packing or duct tape will do the job just as well.

Simply press and roll the tape over carpets and upholstery in order to pick up any pet hair, and then discard the full roll when you’re done. This is a great solution for quick cleanups, if your vacuum can’t reach those areas or if you don’t have time for a more thorough cleaning job.

Window Squeegees

For carpets that are stubborn and just won’t let go of pet hair, a window squeegee can get the job done. You’ll want to look for one that has a rubber blade, which is better suited for this task than plastic blades.

Start by spraying the carpet lightly with water from a spray bottle and then run the squeegee over it in slow, straight strokes while applying gentle pressure. This will help to agitate the pet hair and break it away from the fibers of the carpet, allowing you to then vacuum it up more easily afterwards.

These are just a few of many solutions for pet hair in your home, and we can assist you with all of them at Healthy Homes Housekeeping. Stay tuned for part two of this blog series, where we’ll explore even more simple solutions for pet hair. In the meantime, if you need help with pet hair buildups or any other home cleaning services in Ogden, contact us today!